Pupil Premium & Recovery Premium

The pupil premium is additional funding provided to schools from the Government - additional information can be found by clicking here. Schools also receive Recovery premium funding - more information can be found by clicking here

Closing the attainment gap between disadvantaged children and their peers is our greatest challenge. The gap is entrenched and complex, and most lie beyond our school. However, it is clear that schools can make a difference and across England, the gap has closed since the introduction of the Pupil Premium. Great teaching and careful planning can make a huge impact on the outcomes of disadvantaged children.


Planned Expenditure

Our evidenced-informed approach to Pupil Premium spending has helped us to:

  • Compare how similar challenges have been tackled in other schools
  • Understand the strength of evidence behind alternative approaches
  • Consider the likely cost-effectiveness of a range of approaches

We use the EEF’s tiered approach which focuses on improving teaching, providing targeted academic support and wider strategies to remove non-academic barriers to success in school, including attendance, behaviour and social and emotional support. We have also used the ‘Effective pupil premium reviews: A guide developed by the Teaching Schools Council’ document when writing our strategy.

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