Opening Hours

Following consultations with staff, parents and governors during the summer of 2022, our compulsory school day increased by 20 minutes and is now from 8:25am until 3:00pm. Over the course of a school week, this equates to 32 hours and 55 minutes which includes breaks and lunches. 



School bell rings and doors open for children to come in:

Reception: enter through the Reception gate and then classroom door

Infants through the infant corridor door on the infant playground which is next to the Reception area 

Juniors through the junior corridor door on the junior playground opposite the school field

A member of staff will be at each corridor door to greet the children and assist with any difficulties. If you have any messages, please go to the school office who will then pass these onto the relevant members of staff.

If it is raining heavily, the doors will be opened at 8.15am to avoid children getting too wet - please note that we have little shelter in the playground.


School bell rings and compulsory start time for all the children

Gates and doors closed

Late children need to enter through the main office**

10:25am – 10:40am

Morning break time for all the children

11:45am – 12:45pm

Reception and KS1 lunch break

12:00pm - 1:00pm 

KS2 lunch break - timings for playtimes may vary depending on timetabling 


School day finishes for all the children

Children leave from their classroom doors

* It is important that children do not come into the playground too early. School is only responsible for children from 8:20am, when members of staff are on duty at the doors. Until this time, children are the responsibility of their parents and must be supervised.

** A record is kept of children who need to come through the main door after the doors and gates have closed at 8:25am. Any children arriving after 8:30am will have a late mark in the register. If they arrive after 8:55am, then this is classed as a ‘U’ which is recorded as a half-day absence.


Bringing and Collecting Children

We encourage parents and children to walk, scoot or cycle to school whenever possible. There are two pedestrian entrances to the school site, one at the junior end (next to the private nursery) and one at the infant end of the building (closest to the school office). The car park entrance must not be used by parents or children to enter the school site and only parents who have been granted permission by the headteacher can use the car park to park.

Unfortunately, we have no facilities for parental parking within the school grounds. If you wish to park and then walk, scoot or cycle your child into school, please park away from the school site so that the front of school is kept safe and clear.

Children should be collected from their classroom’s external door by a parent. (Front of school: Reception, Y5 & 6. Playground to the rear: Y1, 2, 3 & 4.) Any children not collected at 3:00pm will be supervised by a member of staff at the school office until they are collected. If someone different is collecting your child, then please let the school office know so this information can be shared with the staff in your child's class. Afterschool childcare providers will also collect from classroom doors.

UKS2 Children Walking Home

Parents may decide to allow older children to walk home from school to develop their independence and get them ready for high school. School needs to be notified when parents decide to make this arrangement before we allow your child to leave unsupervised. If parents want older children who are walking home to have a mobile phone, then they must complete the permission form from the school office. Children must hand in their phone at the school office when they enter the school grounds and collect at the end of the school day. If they fail to do this, they may have their phone confiscated in line with our Behaviour Policy - see 'Policies'.