Extremism & Prevent

Sadly, extremism, and particularly risks around use of the internet, are very much a part of today’s newspaper headlines. Our children are living in a rapidly changing and global environment which, as we know, can have both a positive and a negative impact on their development and opportunities.

Recent events in Isreal, Palestine, Ukraine, Syria and Iraq, highlight how children and young people can be influenced by matters outside the UK in addition to the hatred and the violence that can be found on the internet and through other outlets. Events in the media also demonstrate how schools can quickly and adversely be brought into the spotlight.

At Mossgate, we work within the government's Prevent Duty to tackle the problem of terrorism and extremism at its roots and prevent vulnerable children, adults and communities from being drawn into terrorism. This includes far-right extremism and some aspects of non-violent extremism. Prevent isn’t about spying on our communities. It isn’t targeted at religion – extremists can come from any background. It’s not about blame.

Prevent focuses upon early intervention and safeguarding approaches to extremism and potential vulnerability and operates in a similar way to how we would respond to concerns such as those around, physical abuse, drugs and sexual exploitation.

At Mossgate, we work with a range of partners including:

  • police
  • Lancashire County Council
  • Educate Against Hate
  • other schools and colleges
  • faith leaders
  • community groups
  • voluntary services

All staff and governors undertake regular Prevent training relevant to their role. Our Risk Assessment and Action Plan is reviewed annually and can be downloaded at the end of this page. Our Prevent Lead is our Headteacher



Report your concerns

Friends and family are best placed to spot the signs, so trust your instincts and report your concerns in confidence. 

The police and other agencies can help if you act early. You won't be wasting their time and you won’t ruin lives, but you might save them.

To find out more about how to help someone close to you visit actearly.uk

For advice on preventing radicalisation or reporting concerns in Lancashire, email concern@lancashire.police.uk.  You can also call the Prevent team for advice and support using (01772) 413398. If it's an emergency, you must call 999Or you can call anonymously on 0800 789 321.

If you see online material promoting terrorism or extremism, you can report it online.


Updated March 2024 RS 

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