An engaging and high quality science education provides children with solid foundations for understanding natural phenomena about the world.  Throughout our Mossgate Curriculum children begin to understand the way in which science will affect their future on a personal, local, national and global level through the teaching of biology, chemistry and physics.  We make science fun and engaging with real life links which enable our children have an understanding of the importance that science has within all our lives. 


Our aims in teaching Science

  • Prepare our children for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world.
  • Allow children to generate their own questions and test phenomena.
  • Foster concern about, and active care for, our environment.
  • Help our children become ‘Mossgate scientists’ and acquire a growing understanding of scientific ideas.
  • Help develop and extend our children’s scientific concept of their world through asking questions.
  • Develop our children’s understanding of the international and collaborative nature of science.



  • Encouraging the development of positive attitudes to science.
  • Building on our children’s natural curiosity and developing a scientific approach to problems.
  • Encouraging open-mindedness, self-assessment, perseverance, resilience and responsibility.
  • Building our children’s self-confidence to enable them to work independently but also to develop our children’s social skills to work co-operatively with others.
  • Providing our children with exciting and memorable experiences of science, so that they will develop a deep and lasting passion and love for the subject.
  • Inspire children to want to study science further.



  • Giving our children an understanding of scientific processes.
  • Helping our children to acquire practical scientific skills.
  • Developing the skills of investigation – including observing, questioning, measuring, predicting, hypothesizing, experimenting, communicating, interpreting, explaining and evaluating.
  • Developing the use of scientific language, recording and techniques.
  • Developing the use of IT in investigating and recording.
  • Enabling our children to become effective communicators of scientific ideas, facts and data.

Mrs Sarah Elwers (Science Leader)

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