Computing lessons at Mossgate Primary School aim to prepare our children for a constantly changing technological world driven by the internet and tablet devices. 

Children’s capabilities of learning at any place and at any time have been increased due to investments in a variety of technology and hardware, such as Ipads and laptop banks across the school. Online access in a safe environment has broadened the scope of their creative thinking, digital research, communication and collaboration.

The progression of skills has been divided up into 3 different categories: Computer Science, Information Technology and Using Technology Safely.

  • Computer Science - our children learn how to use logical reasoning to explain how simple programs work and use this to create and find errors within their own algorithms and programs.
  • Information Technology - various skills around word processing, digital art (including music and film), presentation and spreadsheets are taught along with knowledge of technology and its uses.
  • Using Technology Safely - standards are set in how to act appropriately within an online community, recognising acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and being able to identify a range of ways to report concerns about internet content and contact.

Mr Andrew – Computing Subject Leader

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