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September 2020 Reopening Information

We are all very excited to have our wonderful children back in September and staff have been extremely busy planning and preparing. Our focus will be to support children with any worries, concerns or struggles they may be experiencing as a result of lockdown and coronavirus. Please can all parents complete the short survey through the School Spider app so we can identify emotional and educational needs effectively.

Our whole school topic will be around children’s mental health and physical wellbeing – see the separate letter for more information. Some children have been unable to access formal education for nearly six months when we return, so we will also have a focus on closing the educational gap in reading, writing, maths and phonics for our younger children.

What are the measures we will be putting in place to keep children safe?

Parents may have concerns about children returning to school in September. The government guidance states that the ‘risk to children themselves of becoming severely ill from coronavirus is very low’.

‘For the vast majority of children, the benefits of being back in school far outweigh the very low risk from coronavirus. As a result, we can plan for all children to return and start to reverse the enormous costs of missed education. This will be an important move back towards normal life for many children and families.’

All schools are being asked to implement ‘the system of controls’ which will effectively minimise risks. The essential measures we will continue to implement include:  

- a requirement that people who are ill or displaying coronavirus symptoms stay at home

- robust hand and respiratory hygiene

- enhanced cleaning arrangements

- active engagement with NHS Test and Trace

- measures to reduce contacts and mixing of classes  

During the day, we will be encouraging social distancing, regular hand washing and advocating the ‘catch it, kill it, bin it’ approach in a child friendly manner. We will not be using hazard tape to mark out areas or installing screens around school. The only physical changes in school will be dots in the corridors to encourage social distancing when going to the toilet and the classroom layout will be slightly different.

In Reception and KS1, children will continue to access learning in their different areas and share some resources. Some furniture has been removed to create more space, but the focus will be on frequent handwashing and wiping down of frequently touched surfaces and resources. In KS2, children are able to work independently for longer periods, so tables have been separated with two children per desk.  Again, the focus will be on hand washing and cleaning routines.  


              KS1 classroom with reduced furniture.                KS2 classroom with desks separated.          Corridors with dots.

Playtimes will be staggered with only one group on either the KS1 or KS2 playground at any one time so they can distance and play safely. Each group will have their own play equipment, and children will be encouraged to sanitise their hands and wipe down after use. Again, we will encourage social distancing within the group, but recognise playtime is for play and children need to be physically active!

It is essential that parents do not send their children into school if they have any symptoms to prevent the spread of infection.

Please find below additional information setting out some of the changes that will be in place in September. In addition to this information, you will find the following included in this pack:

- child friendly version of this letter for your child(ren) with photos of teacher(s), teaching assistant(s) and their new classroom – printed on pink paper

- curriculum information detailing what your children will be learning during our mental health and wellbeing topic – printed on green paper

- class photo cartoon card from your teacher – an end of year gift from the school

Remember, school will be closed to children on Tuesday 1st September but will reopen on Wednesday 2nd September.

Copies of class transition letters and general information about September can be downloaded from our homepage. 

If you have any questions, please email me ( using the address above or private message the school's Facebook page. 

Take care and stay safe. 

Mr Smith and the Mossgate team 

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