If you would like your child to start Reception in September, then please follow the advice and guidance by clicking on this link: 'Apply for a primary school place'. If you live in Lancashire, you must follow Lancashire County Council's application process, even if it’s linked to your child’s nursery, or your child's brother or sister is already at the school.

The standard number for admissions at this school is 30 children per class. The governors are committed to keeping class sizes at this level, as they believe this will enable the school to provide the best education for the children. If there are already 30 children in the class you wish your child to join, you will be told that there is no place currently available. If a child is refused a place, parents have the right of appeal and should contact the Lancaster Education Office for further details.


Joining Mossgate at a different time of year

Whether moving into the area, or moving school due to a change of address or other reasons, the process to join Mossgate is managed by Lancashire County Council's local 'Pupil Access Team'. Please note that schools can no longer agree to admit pupils without the involvement of the local authority, however, parents may wish to contact us to ask if we have a place. You can call the Pupil Access Team on (01524) 581148 or email at: