Uniform, PE Kit, Hair & Jewellery


  • Mossgate embroidered navy sweater or cardigan with logo
  • Light blue polo shirt (available with the Mossgate logo but not compulsory)
  • Grey trousers with grey socks
  • Grey skirts or pinafore dresses with grey knee length socks / tights  


Chages for the summer:

  • Navy and white gingham checked dresses with white socks  
  • Grey shorts with grey socks

(Sweaters, cardigans and polo shirts with embroidered Mossgate logos are available from Young Ones, 226 Marine Rd Central.)

Black shoes and plain black leather trainers (no visible logos, detail or coloured soles). Children should only have laced footwear if they can tie them independently. We strongly recommend that children in Reception, Y1 and 2, and those who cannot tie laces, buy Velcro shoes / trainers.

All footwear should be suitable for physical activity during playtimes. Boots, high heeled shoes and slippers/ballet pumps are not. Children will be asked to change into pumps if they are not wearing footwear which complies.


Hair and Jewellery

No make-up, nail varnish, false nails, jewellery or fashion statements (large hair bows etc) are allowed. Long hair should be tied back away from your child’s face. Hair should not have designs and lines shaved into it or be dyed. Children will be asked to remove make-up, jewellery and inappropriate hair accessories.

If your child has pierced ears, studs must be worn for school. Earrings must be taken out for PE or left out on PE days.  Please make sure your child learns, as soon as possible, to remove their own earrings. If you wish to have your child’s ears pierced, the ideal time for this is at the beginning of the long summer holidays, so that they have time to heal and the earrings can be taken out for PE on the child’s return to school in September.


PE Kit

Children must wear a navy t-shirt, and red shorts. Sports tops with Mossgate logo are available from Young Ones, 226 Marine Road Central. Slip on plimsolls with light coloured soles for indoor PE and trainers for outdoors. Children in Reception do not need plimsolls or a tracksuit, and will only need trainers in the summer term. A navy blue tracksuit (please avoid hoods) may be worn for outdoor games, but is not suitable for indoor PE lessons.

Cloakroom space is limited so please send only small drawstring bags into school which can easily hang on your child’s peg. The PE kit should be in school every day and taken home only during the holidays for laundering. Please check all items are labelled clearly before returning to school.


Swimming Kit

Children go swimming during Year 5. Trunks for boys and a one-piece costume for girls should be brought to school on the appropriate day and returned home the same day. Goggles may only be worn on medical advice. These are worn at pupil’s own risk and parents must obtain and complete a disclaimer from the school office prior to goggles being used.  Kit needs to be contained in a suitable, small bag that will hang on a cloakroom peg.


Lost Property

We cannot return unnamed property to the children, so it will go into the lost property box in the disabled toilet at the front of school. Please come into school and ask to be shown these items if your child has mislaid something. The best way to avoid loss of clothing is to name everything and to encourage your child to take responsibility for their belongings. We display lost property on a regular basis so parents can look for missing items with any items left ‘recycled’.