Over the past couple of weeks, the Lancashire School Games Organisers team, Active Lancashire and the Lancashire PE team have been developing a PE, school sport and physical activity resource/timetable. We believe these resources are excellent and will help ensure your child/children are able to access the PE curriculum they would have been receiving in school. 

The resource is centred around 4 key themes: 

Move - resources that help children to achieve 60 active minutes.

Learn - skill and sports skill development.

Challenge - a weekly personal best challenge linked to the weekly PE learn activity along with a current /trending challenge or other type challenge.

Play - providing ideas and resources for children to be active through play.

A new resource with updated links, games, PE tasks and challenges will be uploaded each week. The resource is online and is being hosted by the Lancashire School Games Web page.

When you click on the 'purple links' below you will be taken to the Lancashire School Game Web page where you will find a timetable for the week with activities centred around the '4 Key Themes' for each day; the links for the resource are as follows:

Year 1 & 2:



Year 3-6:




As mentioned, a new timetable and links to resources will be uploaded each week so please check regularly to ensure you are not missing out.