We have an extremely dedicated and talented team of staff who support our children in many ways.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mr R Smith - Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Computing & D&T Leader 
  • Mrs H Taylor and Mr C Thwaites - Deputy Headteachers
  • Mrs N Boswell - Special Needs & Disability Coordinator (SENDCo) 
  • Mrs B Booth - EYFS & KS1 Leader  
  • Mrs S Massey - KS2 Leader & English Subject Leader 

Teaching Team


Mrs B Booth 

Miss H Price - TA

Miss M Doyle - TA

Mrs N Pierpoint - TA

KS1 Leader, Phonics Leader & The Arts Subject Leader

Year 1 Team

Mrs Z Robinson 

Miss J Hughed - TA

Miss J Butler - TA 

Mrs N Pierpoint - TA

RE Leader


Year 2 Team

Miss C Chant 

Mrs M Strong - TA


Year 3 Team

Mrs S Elwers 

(Maternity - Mrs H Wannop)

Mrs C Cassidy - TA 

Science Leader

Humanities Leader


Year 4 Team

Mrs R Wood

Mrs R Brock - TA

PE Subject Leader

Year 5 Team

Mrs S Massey 

Miss S Mead - TA

KS2 Leader & English Leader


Year 6 Team

Mr C Thwaites 

Mrs N Boswell 

Miss S Myers - TA

Maths Leader 

SENDCo & Foreign Language Leader 

Terrific Ten 

Mrs H Taylor 


Deputy DSL, Inclusion Leader & PSHEC


 Office Team

Miss K Turnbull - Office Manager

Mrs T Attwood - Administrative  Assistant


Site Team


Mrs L Foster - Site Supervisor

Ms P Lancaster - Cleaner


Kitchen Team

Mrs C Caprani - School Cook

Ms S Balderstone - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs M Leeming - Kitchen Assistant

Ms M McAvoy - Kitchen Assistant


Lunchtime Organisers

Mrs C Cassidy, Miss S Mead, Miss H Price, Mrs M Strong, Mrs R Brock, Miss S Myers, Miss J Hughes, Miss M Doyle, Miss J Butler, Mrs N Pierpoint 


Breakfast Club Team

Mrs R Brock & Mrs C Cassidy

Miss M Doyle & Miss J Butler