Relationships Education

As part of our commitment to Personal, Social and Health Education we have a policy and programme of work for Relationships Education (including Sex Education).

Relationship Education is taught with care and sensitivity and the content of the lessons will be appropriate to the pupil’s age and understanding.  It also forms part of the statutory National Curriculum for Science and is a vital part of young people learning about physical, moral and emotional development.

Parents/Carers have the right to withdraw their child from some or all Relationship Education but not from statutory Science lessons.  If a parent/carer wishes to exercise this right, they need to have a discussion with the Headteacher about their concerns, and to organise alternative arrangements if necessary.

Other aspects of P.S.H.E. and citizenship are covered through a structured scheme of work and across the rest of the curriculum, from personal growth and development in Science to respecting peoples’ differences in Religious Education and Geography.


Working Together to Achieve Success