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We believe that home and school must work together to ensure children are happy at school and are developing to the best of their ability. To achieve this, good communication is vital.

If you have any concerns, no matter how small, or there is something that you would like to discuss, do not hesitate to pop into school or phone to arrange to see someone. We welcome any contact with you and you will find staff very friendly and approachable. We also appreciate it if you let us know if there are any changes in family circumstances which may affect your child. If we know, we can take these issues into account when supporting and working with your child. We will contact you if there are any concerns too.

Anyone who is willing to share their skills or hobby with the children, or even give some of their time to come in and help will be very welcome. Please contact the headteacher if you would like to be involved in any way.



We send out regular newsletters which provide information about events, achievements, school systems and diary dates for the weeks ahead. We will post a reminder on Facebook with a web link to an online version if you cannot find the newsletter in your child’s book bag!  If yours get lost or misplaced, spare copies are kept in the school foyer and there is always one on display on the ‘News Board’ outside the entrance.

We use the School Spider app (free to download) to send text messages to parents and as a booking system for parents’ evenings and extra-curricular clubs. You will need a code from the school office to be able to access these services for your child.



Parent Pay (free to download) is used to make payments for school dinners, school trips and other one-off items (e.g. Y6 Leavers’ Hoodie). By making the payment online you also give parental consent for the trip, event or item. We are a cashless school so payments need to be made online using Parent Pay. If you are unable to access Parent Pay, you can order a payment card from the school office and make payments at local stores.