Health & Safety

All staff are conscious of Health and Safety matters relating to school life, and carry out regular ‘Risk Assessments’ for activities where hazards may present a risk to children’s safety. Regular practices are held for emergency evacuations for instances such as fire, and annual visits are made by the fire service to educate the children. A copy of the school’s ‘Health and Safety Policy’ is available on our website.

  • Smoking: The school and its grounds form a no-smoking environment.  It is illegal to smoke on our premises.
  • Dogs: It is also important that you do not bring dogs into the school grounds (unless they are guide dogs) or tie them to the school fence unattended.
  • Cycling: Children may come to school by bicycle or scooter. These can be stored in the cycle shelter at the front of school. We encourage all children to wear a helmet and bring a lock to ensure their bikes are safe.
  • School Field and Play Area: The school field and play area must not be used when school is closed.

Working Together to Achieve Success