In Design & Technology (D&T) at Mossgate, our children will plan and make products that solve real problems within a variety of contexts. Every opportunity is given to use creativity and imagination as our children use practical skills to design, make, test and evaluate their own products as well as evaluating the work of others. Through our engaging D&T lessons, we aim to draw on skills used in maths, science, computing and art. Our children will learn how to take risks and develop the practical knowledge needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate effectively in an increasingly technological world.

At Mossgate, we encourage our children to lead healthy lives now and in later life. Therefore, each year our children will be taught a unit to help them to understand the principles of nutrition and learn how to cook. We hope that this will inspire a love of cooking in pupils and develop a crucial life skill.

Rachel Lyon (D&T Subject Leader)

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