Bringing and Collecting Children

If you walk:

We encourage parents and children to walk to school whenever possible. There are two pedestrian entrances to the school site, one at the Junior end and one at the Infant end of the building. It is important for the safety of yourselves and your children that the vehicle entrance and exit are not used as pedestrian entrances.


If you use a car:

Unfortunately, we have no facilities for parental parking within the school grounds. If you wish to park and then walk your child into school, please park outside the school site and use the pedestrian gates as above.


If you use a taxi service for children:

Please let us know which taxi company you are using and where they should take your child. We ask that drivers park outside school and we will take children to the appropriate taxi to make sure they are safe. Please make sure you relate this to the taxi company whenever you make a  booking. Also it is preferable that taxis do not arrive earlier than 2.55 p.m. to collect the children, to give them time to come to the school office from the classrooms at the end of the school day.


If children are collected by an after-school care provider or childminder:

They will be taken to the school hall by a member of staff from where they will be collected by the appropriate care provider. Please let us know who will be collecting your child.


If you are late:

Please let know as early as possible if you are likely to be delayed. Children are taken to sit in the school hall. Please collect them from the hall via the main school entrance.All children not collected at 2.45 p.m. will be supervised by a member of staff until they are collected.


If you wish your child to cycle to school:

To ensure the safety of our children you will need to read and complete our cycle to school agreement. Please note any bike left at school are at your own risk.  


If someone different is collecting your child:

Please let the school office know.  If the person collecting your child is not known to the school please contact office staff.