Attendance and Punctuality

It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that their child attends school regularly. Our target is for all children to have above 97% attendance.

Frequent absence significantly disrupts your child’s education. If your child's attendance falls below 90%, this is classed as persistent absence and a senior leader will contact you to discuss this further and agree actions to improve it. If it does not improve, then we have a duty to refer the issue to the Local Authority with the aim of giving you the support you may need to help your child attend school.

Parents are informed about their child's attendance rates in the termly report. Children who achieve 97% or better attendance during a half term, are presented with a certificate to celebrate this. Any class achieving 100% attendance during a week is rewarded with a ‘treat’ of their choice.

Punctuality is also very important. We open the doors between 8.20am and 8.25am. The school day starts at 8.30amso children should be here a few minutes before so that they can hang up their coat and be in the classroom on time. The school gates are closed at 8.30am. If your child arrives after 8:30am, then they need to go to the school office and they will be recorded as late. If they arrive after 9.00 am then this is classed as a ‘U’ attendance – late after the register has closed and they do not receive an attendance mark in the official register.

Children being even a few minutes late each day has a negative impact on their learning and their ability to settle well at the start of the school day. As with attendance, we will work with and support families who are having difficulties with punctuality. Being on time means a positive start to the day for your child. 

Our Attendance and Punctuality Policy can be downloaded from the 'Policies' section of the website. 


Parents should plan family holidays to fall during school holidays. Any holidays taken during the school term will be unauthorised in accordance with our school policy agreed by the governing body.


If your child is ill and cannot come to school, we would appreciate it if you would telephone to let us know. We check registers every day and if we have not heard from you, we will call to make sure everything is alright.

If your child becomes ill during the school day and we feel they should be at home, we will telephone you and ask you to collect them from school.  If your child has a bump to the head, which our qualified first aiders deem not to be serious, we will contact you. Please also let us have an emergency telephone number in case of accident or illness.  It is important to keep these numbers up to date. 


Children who need to take medication daily to manage permanent conditions will be supervised. If your child has asthma, then they must have an inhaler in school. Parents will be asked to sign a form giving school staff permission to administer medicines to your child.

School Nurse

Our School Nurse is Linda Ellis.  She regularly visits school and is happy to discuss any health concerns you have about your child.  She can be contacted at Heysham Health Centre, Middleton Way, Heysham.  Telephone 01524 518595

Health & Safety 

All staff are conscious of Health and Safety matters relating to school life, and carry out regular Risk Assessments for activities where hazards may present a risk to children’s safety. Regular practices are held for emergency evacuations for instances such as fire, and annual visits are made by the fire service to educate the children. A copy of the school’s Health and Safety Policy is available from the school. 

Smoking: The school and its grounds form a no-smoking environment.  It is illegal to smoke on our premises.

Dogs: It is also important that you do not bring dogs into the school grounds (unless they are guide dogs) – or tie them to the school fence unattended.

Cycling: Children may come to school by bicycle or scooter. These can be stored in the cycle shelter at the front of school. We encourage all children to wear a helmet and bring a lock to ensure their bikes are safe.

School Field: Unfortunately, there is no access to the school field when the school is closed.

Online Safety:  Children are taught to use IT safely and securely.  This includes information relating to online bullying and how to keep yourself safe while using the Internet. The school has online safety integrated throughout the curriculum, with each year group focusing on certain aspects. The children start off with understanding about keeping their personal details, such as full name, age, address and school, a secret in Year 1 and progress through to learning about the validity of websites and the dangers of posting online in KS2.

Mobile Phones: Children may bring a mobile phone to school under exceptional circumstances. Parents must complete a form for permission to be granted by the Headteacher.

Working Together to Achieve Success